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Recent Use Cases of Alchemy Pay Payment Solutions

Alchemy Pay partnership with Cameroon

Alchemy Pay is a payment solutions provider and we are here to help you connect up the fiat and crypto economies. We focus on accessibility — making it easy to buy and sell cryptocurrencies and making it easy for you to use Web3 dApps and platforms.


That could mean buying an NFT, using a DeFi protocol, or perhaps entering a decentralised metaverse. Perhaps you want to pay with ETH, BTC, or Alchemy Pay’s ACH token. Or maybe you’d rather use your Visa debit card or your Mastercard credit card. Or you could use that popular local mobile wallet that you use with all your friends. We’ve got you covered!


Alchemy Pay’s crypto payment ramps are customisable plugins that enable the easy purchasing and selling of crypto. In less than a minute you can own crypto and access the world of Web3. If you want to trade back no problem — we can send money back to your Mastercard, Visa Card, or bank account in 50+ local legal currencies almost anywhere in the world. Truly global accessibility.



BeFi integrated our API and worked with us to customise our plugin for their app (on Apple or Android). Now you can create your own Web3 wallet and deposit funds via local legal tender or crypto. BeFi can now accept users from all over the world thanks to our 300+ fiat payment channels.


Note: Our ramps are undergoing the payment routing optimisation process to ensure we offer you the best prices possible.


BeFi Website | Twitter


 Powering Binance Pay and Instpower

Instpower Enables Crypto Payments at 14,000 Locations via Binance Pay and Alchemy Pay


Using a similar network of payment providers, we also provide Binance Pay with our network services so that you can use Binance Pay to pay for goods and services with your crypto all over the world.


Instpower recently began accepting crypto thanks to Binance Pay and Alchemy Pay. Understand the user experience on YouTube


Gaming Currencies with MMO Pixel

Alchemy Pay facilitates Binance Pay and on-chain crypto payments for MMO Pixel. The platform is a popular secondary market for popular in-game currencies. Alchemy Pay is Binance’s payment partner for Binance Pay.

Understand the user experience on YouTube

Pay with $GMT

STEPN’s GMT used for payment in-store

Among the many cryptocurrencies, we support we have added STEPN’s $GMT token. GMT can now be used to pay for real-world goods and services via Alchemy Pay’s crypto acceptance system available at 2 million+ merchants in over 70 countries around the world.

Crypto Payments at Venice Biennale

Earlier this year the Venice Biennale Committee approved 22 artists to participate in the first-ever NFT exhibition at the art world’s renowned Venice Biennale. ‘The Time of the Chimeras’ exhibition has been organised by Global Crypto Art DAO and takes place at the Cameroon Pavillion. Now, in another major first for the Venice Biennale, visitors will be able to use crypto to buy the work of the artists on display. Payment specialist, Alchemy Pay, is facilitating payments that allow on-site direct purchases of the NFTs using a wide choice of fiat and cryptocurrencies.

By connecting up fiat and cryptocurrencies at this early stage we are part of the infrastructure that is required in order for crypto to crossover into mainstream utility.

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