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Particle Wallet Launches Alchemy Pay’s Fiat Onramp Solution

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The full-stack Web3 infrastructure provider, Particle Network, has gone live with the Alchemy Pay Onramp Solution for its wallet. The integration means users can pay with their preferred fiat payment methods directly to seamlessly buy crypto and fund their Particle wallet. Alchemy Pay’s payment gateway supports payments with Visa and MasterCard in 173 nations, multiple domestic transfers, and popular mobile wallets in emerging markets.


As part of its Web3 dApp infrastructure services, Particle Wallet powers businesses to embed Web3 experiences across DeFi, NFTs, payments, social media, and more by using the most powerful wallet infrastructure API. The Particle Wallet provides developers with a complete wallet function solution. By calling on APIs, it makes it safe and easy for a dApp developer’s users to send, receive, and swap tokens, and collect NFTs, on multiple blockchains. Alchemy Pay’s payment gateway now allows users to buy crypto with their local fiat currencies for seamless crypto purchase for both natives and newcomers.


The Particle Wallet is not a standalone wallet, but rather a wallet infrastructure that can be integrated into apps or wallets. With Particle Wallet, developers can integrate a wallet tailored to their app’s needs.


After years of providing crypto-related businesses with fiat payment rails, fiat-crypto conversions, and fiat payouts, the Alchemy Pay Ramp Solution now brings the power of a comprehensive network payment directly to users around the world. With high conversion rates, low fees, and fast, simple KYC, the ramp makes buying and selling crypto with domestic local currencies as easy as any other regular online payment.


With more than 300 fiat payment channels, its ramps go beyond global cards and give access to local mobile wallets. In Southeast Asia and LATAM, in particular, where millions struggle to get accepted for traditional banking services, these wallets are no longer considered to be alternative payment methods. These are also regions where crypto adoption rates and dApp usage is high and increasing rapidly.


Among others, Alchemy Pay supports e-wallets such as: Pix in Brazil (116M users); GCash in the Philippines (60M users); OVO (92M users) & Dana (115M users) in Indonesia; Kakao Pay (NFT Checkout only) in Korea (36.5M users) MoMo in Vietnam (23M users); Paynow in Singapore (4.9M users); as well as EWallet in Brazil, Peru, Chile, Colombia (user figures not confirmed). SEPA transfers are also supported for payments in Europe.


Alchemy Pay CEO, John Tan: “We are very supportive of the infrastructure that Particle provides to businesses and developers. It is part of a larger movement as companies move further into Web3. We are glad that our payment gateway services are able to provide seamless entry to Particle’s wallet. We may also deepen our relationship and provide the use of our NFT Checkout service.”


Alchemy Pay’s founding team’s experience in the traditional finance and fintech payments space has given an advantage where competitors have struggled. In recent months, it has formed fiat onramp collaborations with networks such as Polygon and Arbitrum.


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About Alchemy Pay

Founded in Singapore in 2018, Alchemy Pay is a payment solutions provider that seamlessly connects cryptocurrency and traditional fiat currency for consumers, merchants, and developers. It provides merchants with convenient crypto acceptance and makes crypto and Web3 services highly accessible. Alchemy Pay’s on and off ramp plugin is integrated with crypto platforms and dApps to provide an easy payment gateway from fiat to crypto and vice versa. Its crypto acceptance system has touchpoints with 2+ million online and in-store merchants in over 70 countries. Alchemy Pay’s network includes 300+ fiat payment channels, including popular e-wallets in emerging markets. ACH is Alchemy Pay’s utility token on Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain.


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