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On-Site Crypto Payments For Venice Biennale’s First Ever NFT Exhibition

Alchemy Pay partnership with Cameroon

Earlier this year the Venice Biennale Committee approved 22 artists to participate in the first ever NFT exhibition at the art world’s renowned Venice Biennale. ‘The Time of the Chimeras’ exhibition has been organised by Global Crypto Art DAO and takes place at the Cameroon Pavillion. Now, in another major first for the Venice Biennale, visitors will be able to use crypto to buy the work of the artists on display. Payment specialist, Alchemy Pay, is facilitating payments that allow on-site direct purchases of the NFTs using a wide choice of fiat and crypto currencies.


Global Crypto Art DAO was founded by councillors who aim to create a sustainable and influential ecosystem to support creativity and development in crypto art. The GCA Council includes artists, dealers, collectors, poets, and blockchain investors and entrepreneurs. Their combined expertise has culminated in the first inclusion of crypto art at the Venice Biennale, one of the most important art events worldwide that began in 1895. As well as exhibiting the NFT pieces, the exhibition also provides a space for explanation and discussion about the future of art and NFT innovation. 


With its impressive global payment network, Alchemy Pay was the obvious choice for Global Crypto Art DAO for ‘The Time of the Chimeras.’ Alchemy Pay has over 300 fiat payment channels, meaning it is able to accept card, mobile wallet, and bank transfer payments from all over the world. Partnerships with global acquirers, exchanges, and remittance firms enable its solutions to accept multiple fiat and crypto currencies. Furthermore, Alchemy Pay’s automated system optimises the speed and costs of transactions so that all payment options are practical and mainstream-friendly. 


John Tan, CEO of Alchemy Pay, commented, “We are happy to collaborate with Global Crypto Art DAO and introduce the Biennale’s visitors to user-friendly crypto payment solutions. We continue to focus on making NFTs and Web3 more accessible to everyday people and our crypto ramps are offering a seamless user experience to participate in this new art movement.”


This represents another big step forward for crypto art as non-fungible tokens continue to gain recognition from the established art world. 


Visit ‘The Time of the Chimeras’

Curated by Sandro Orlandi Stag and organised by Global Crypto Art DAO, ‘The Time of the Chimeras’ exhibition takes place in Palazzo Bernardo, Venice from now until November 27, 2022.

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