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Alchemy Pay Update | May & June 2022

Instpower binance pay

The past two months have seen a sharp and shocking downturn in the crypto market and we wish the best for all of our community. Nevertheless, the progress at Alchemy Pay continues. A partnership with Binance Pay and Instpower, the integration of STEPN’s GMT token, a workshop at Consensus 2022 in Austin, next-level security and chargeback guarantees for our clients and users with a new Forter partnership. We have facilitated the first-ever NFT checkout at the Venice Biennale and done the same at Hong Kong’s huge Artaverse event. Our fiat-crypto on/off ramps are now being used and tested on a limited number of web3 platforms before being integrated by larger networks and DApps.

On top of that, ACH was listed on KuCoin, Kraken, and along with ACH staking on Binance up to $102.49% APY

Binance Pay and Instpower Partnership

Alchemy Pay will enable the use of crypto to be used on Binance Pay to pay for 14000 Instpower power banks in many regions throughout the globe. As an official partner of Binance Pay, Alchemy Pay facilitates crypto to fiat conversions and remittances.

Watch on YouTube: Instpower, Binance Pay, and Alchemy Pay payments

STEPN GMT Integration

Alchemy Pay supports STEPN’s GMT token for use on Alchemy Pay’s hybrid fiat-crypto payment system. It can now be spent with over 2 million merchant partners in 70 countries worldwide. STEPN’s ground-breaking ‘move-to-earn’ model has enjoyed huge support over the past few months.

ACH New Listings and Staking

ACH token was listed on a number of exchanges including, Kraken, KuCoin, and Bitpanda, Simple Swap, Uphold, BTSE. Binance added flexible savings and announced ACH for 102.49% APY staking and rewarded members with 3,250,000 ACH. KuCoin ran 7 day 100% APR staking and launched a campaign to give away a reward pool of 2,745,000 ACH.

Staking ACH on Binance

Forter Partnership

Alchemy Pay partners with Forter, the leading name in digital fraud prevention for merchant networks. The partnership will integrate Forter’s solutions and add an invaluable layer of security to all Alchemy Pay transactions. Forter will enable Alchemy Pay to offer higher payment approval rates and chargeback guarantees that benefits both clients and users. Forter’s services will be used to enhance Alchemy Pay’s on/off ramp services.

Venice Biennale’s First-Ever Crypto Payments

In a major first for the Venice Biennale, the world’s most prestigious art festival, visitors are able to use crypto to buy NFT art on display. ‘The Times of the Chimeras’ exhibition organised by Global Crypto Art DAO at the Cameroon Pavilion is utilising Alchemy Pay to facilitate on-site direct purchases of the NFTs using a wide choice of fiat and cryptocurrencies.

Consensus 2022 Conference, Austin, Texas

Alchemy Pay delivered a workshop at Coindesk’s Consensus 2022 — the crypto industry’s foremost conference. Ecosystem Lead, Robert McCracken, gave a 20 minute workshop in front of a packed conference room at the Hilton. The workshop and the rest of the event brought Alchemy Pay together with numerous leading projects, partners, and industry figures.

Alchemy Pay’s Consensus 2022 workshop

Bit.Store Adds Alchemy Pay Ramps

Asia’s leading SocialFi crypto investment platform, Bit.Store (STORE) has deepened its partnership with crypto payment provider Alchemy Pay. Further to the current credit card and Paypal connections, Alchemy Pay will add popular alternative payment methods to Bit.Store including mobile wallets and domestic instant transfer services.

Crypto Payments for NFTs At Artaverse, Hong Kong

Binance Pay, Alchemy Pay, ePayments, and QponBay collaborate to facilitate crypto payment methods at Artaverse, an NFT and metaverse event held in Hong Kong. Visitors to Artaverse will be able to use cryptocurrencies to buy NFTs directly on site. The exhibition was one of the largest of its kind, held in the 150,000-square-foot Central Harbourfront venue in Hong Kong.

Encentive Integration

The Web3 operating system, Encentive partners Alchemy Pay to enable Encentive module builders and end-users to accept fiat and crypto payments on the Encentive platform. Alchemy Pay will add popular fiat payment methods to Encentive, including mobile wallets, Binance Pay and domestic instant transfer services. It will also provide Encentive users with off-ramp capabilities, meaning users can convert their crypto funds into nearly 100 local fiat currencies and have them deposited directly into their bank accounts.

Vision Chain Integrates Alchemy Pay Ramps

Alchemy Pay provides crypto ramps to Vision Chain to enable the network to easily onboard global users via fiat payment methods such as credit and debit cards, bank transfers, and mobile wallets. Alchemy Pay also facilitates convenient offboarding from crypto to fiat with remittance capabilities to bank accounts in nearly fiat currencies.

AMAs and Interviews with CEO John Tan

Alchemy Pay CEO, John Tan, gave a number of live interviews over the past months to explain about Alchemy Pay’s new developments and in particular about the payment ramps that are now being used to on and off board customers to crypto and web3 platform. John spoke with with CasperSatoshi Club, and KuCoin.

Alchemy Pay CEO John Tan spoke with Ralf Kubli of the Casper network

Binance Live: The Future of NFTs and Payments in the Web3 Era

Alchemy Pay’s CMO, Karmen Tang, CMO, spoke on Binance Live about the future of payments and how Alchemy Pay is driving adoption via its ramps solutions for alternative payment methods in Southeast Asia.

More ACH Holders Than Ever

Despite the downturn in the market, ACH saw a rise of just over 5% in holders over May and June. The overall total holders (combining holders on Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum) rose from 30,344 to 31,959.

Cointelegraph Report

Alchemy Pay was mentioned in Cointelegraph’s recent report How Businesses Can Accept Cryptocurrency Payments payments. Read more and download the report on Cointelegraph

Source: Cointelegraph’s recent report ‘How Businesses Can Accept Cryptocurrency Payments’

New Alchemy Pay Website

The new website went live with more information than ever about Alchemy Pay’s payment solutions. Understand the ways in which our payment network connects up fiat and crypto economies for mainstream-friendly accessibility

Web3 Wednesdays Series Begins

In this new series Alchemy Pay seeks to define and understand the concepts of web3 by interviews with many of the industry’s leading experts and commentators. The series celebrates our forthcoming crypto on/off ramps that enable mainstream-friendly access to crypto and web3 services.

Episode 1 with Mary Camacho of Holochain:

Ep2 with Krishang Nadgauda, thirdweb founding engineer

Ep3 with Evelina Lye Founding Member of UNTAM3D and Marketing Director of Meta

Ep4 with Evin McMullen, CEO of

Check out the full list of episodes here

NFT NYC Conference in New York

Times Square in New York was host to this year’s premier NFT & Web3 conference. As a marketplace fiat-crypto ramp service, Alchemy Pay was there to share ideas and build relationships with leading platforms!

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