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Alchemy Pay Partners with Global Payments Provider

The leading fiat-crypto payments solution provider Alchemy Pay has announced its partnership with cloud-based payment solutions provider 


With’s payment capabilities, Alchemy Pay will be able to significantly enhance its card payment rails and ability to offer competitive rates to crypto services who can now accept cards from users in new markets worldwide. Alchemy Pay will further leverage payment rails for its crypto on-ramp services that are projected to launch in the second quarter of 2022.


With a resilient platform, modular product suite and deep crypto expertise,’s payment rails already powers many of the world’s leading crypto businesses. It is this unique experience that Alchemy Pay will benefit from as it seeks to expand its solution offering.


As one of the most complete payment solution providers in the cryptocurrency sector, Alchemy Pay focuses on mainstream-friendly solutions that allow businesses and users to adopt cryptocurrency and use crypto services with ease. In 2019, Alchemy Pay launched the world’s first hybrid payment system to allow online and offline businesses and merchants to accept both cryptocurrency and fiat. It has since expanded into providing crypto services and blockchain networks with popular fiat-payment acceptance and fiat-to-crypto on-ramps. 


Alchemy Pay’s solutions are achieved through its global network of exchanges and global remittance partners. 


John Tan, CEO of Alchemy Pay, said, “ has the best acceptance rates globally and has a comprehensive understanding of the crypto industry. It is fantastic to be working with them, and it will be a benefit to both our clients and their customers.”


Ovidiu Olea, Asia-Pacific sales director for digital assets and currencies at, said, “We are delighted to partner with Alchemy Pay as it serves as a bridge between the fiat and crypto worlds. We look forward to powering its exponential growth trajectory and delivering on a number of exciting projects together. At, we have continuously supported the crypto industry for several years now with industry-leading fiat on-off ramp payment solutions. The partnership with Alchemy Pay further cements’s long-standing and unwavering commitment to the crypto space.”

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