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Alchemy Pay Fiat Onramp Solution Launches on X.Plus Exchange

Alchemy Pay Fiat Onramp Solution Launches on X.Plus Exchange

Leading crypto exchange X.Plus, has gone live with the Alchemy Pay Ramp Solution, bringing easy access via local currencies to crypto natives and crypto newcomers. The launch means users can pay with their preferred fiat payment methods directly to buy crypto and fund their X.Plus account. Alchemy Pay’s gateway supports payments with Visa and MasterCard in 173 nations, multiple domestic transfers, and popular mobile wallets in emerging markets. It also supports fiat payouts (offramp) in 27 local currencies, including.


Founded in 2018, X.Plus is a comprehensive trading platform focusing on user experience. Through the integration of technology such as big data and artificial intelligence, it provides secure, stable and convenient asset services for users around the world.


X.Plus adopts advanced matchmaking technology, coupled with the industry-leading trading system, which realises efficient matchmaking and handles complex and large institutional transactions in all market conditions. It capably responds to drastic fluctuations, maintaining the stability of the platform, and providing numerous guarantees for users. Because of this, users can control their own risks more effectively in futures trading.


Like Alchemy Pay, the core team of X.Plus is from Singapore and has many years of experience in traditional finance and digital assets. Alchemy Pay’s founding team’s experience in the traditional finance and fintech payments space has given an advantage where competitors have struggled. In recent months, it has formed collaborations with networks such as Polygon, Avalanche, Algorand, and Arbitrum.


Alchemy Pay is a specialist in providing solutions that give crypto and Web3 services access to fiat payments for mainstream-friendly accessibility. With over 300 fiat payment and remittance channels, the Alchemy Pay Ramp Solution goes beyond cards and provides access to local mobile wallets. In Southeast Asia and LATAM, in particular, where millions struggle to get accepted for traditional banking services, these wallets are no longer considered to be alternative payment methods.


Among others, Alchemy Pay supports SEPA transfers in Europe and e-wallets such as: Pix in Brazil (116M users); GCash in the Philippines (60M users); OVO (92M users) & Dana (115M users) in Indonesia; Kakao Pay (NFT Checkout only) in Korea (36.5M users) MoMo in Vietnam (23M users); Paynow in Singapore (4.9M users); as well as EWallet in Brazil, Peru, Chile, Colombia (user figures unconfirmed).



With high conversion rates, low fees, and fast, simple KYC, the ramp makes buying and selling crypto with domestic local currencies as easy as any other regular online payment.



Issac Li, CMO at Plus.X said of the launch: “The services we are able to provide to our users is all-important. The level of accessibility that the Alchemy Pay Ramp Solution brings will be felt by our users – new and existing – around the world.”


About X.Plus

Founded in August, 2018, X.PLUS is a comprehensive empowerment trading platform focusing on user experience. It is building a digital asset trading platform based on blockchain technology, which covers the integration of technology and finance such as big data, artificial intelligence and digital asset trading, and provides safe, stable and convenient blockchain asset services for users around the world.


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