fiat payment rails processing

Fiat Payment Rails

Accept popular payment methods including credit and debit cards, fiat mobile wallets, and bank transfers.

fiat payment rails processing
Worldwide fiat payment rails processor

Worldwide Fiat Payment Processing

Access Global Users

Grow your business with card and mobile payment acceptance. Reach billions of users worldwide.

Emerging Market Coverage

Mobile wallets are a vital technology for facilitating payments in developing nations and emerging markets. Developing nations have the fastest cryptocurrency adoption rates.

Accept fast, secure fiat payments from around the world at low cost.

Our 300+ fiat payment rails allow users around the world to deposit funds via a variety of local and global fiat payment methods. We enable fiat payment acceptance for global services such as crypto exchanges, DeFi protocols, crypto wallets, metaverse virtual worlds, NFT marketplaces, and other web3 services. These payment rails allow both newcomers and expert users to enter these services directly with their fiat funds.

Data At Your Fingertips

Access transaction data and manage transactions in one place. Secure data via SFTP.

“Our expansion in markets around the world is now faster than ever. We’re happy to have Alchemy Pay helping us offer users direct access to our exchange via fiat payment methods.” 

MEXC CEO, John Chen

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Fraud Defence

Increase Authorisation Securely

Grow your business with card and mobile payment acceptance. Reach billions of users worldwide.

Reduced False Declines

Artificial Intelligence 

Minimise error and bank false declines. AI systems detect fraud before payments are initiated, reducing authentication failure and optimizing payments.

Guarantee Against Chargebacks

Reduce Losses

Guarantee against loss of funds from abandoned payment processes. Reduce lost revenue by up to 80%.

Alchemy Pay Payment gateway security

Alchemy Pay Provides

Painless, customised integration via API. 

Cutting edge tech your customers want.

Access new users, reduce declines, reduce fraud, and guarantee against chargebacks.

300+ fiat payment channels worldwide enable access to leading and emerging markets.

Ready to learn more about how we can provide your business with our fiat payment rails?