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The Alchemy Pay Global Ambassador Program Opens for Application

Alchemy Pay Ambassador program

Alchemy Pay is now looking for global ambassadors worldwide. The ambassadorship opens the door to the like-minded believers of Alchemy Pay’s vision, and creates an opportunity to bring Alchemy Pay together to a broader stage, where the global ambassadors will play an impactful role–increasing brand awareness globally, providing insights, connecting users in local communities, and being an industry champion.


At Alchemy Pay, we promote the global adoption of crypto by making it easy to move between fiat currency and cryptocurrency. We offer payment solutions for consumers and businesses alike. We help people use crypto for real-world payments and enter crypto and web3 services.


Ambassador’s responsibility

Global ambassadors represent Alchemy Pay at online and real-world events and meetups. Ambassadors are product experts and work to create interest in Alchemy Pay. You will identify new partnership opportunities and connect with leading blockchain projects, payment companies, e-commerce platforms, renowned merchants, and investors. You will also build a network of personal connections in the crypto space, both locally and globally. 


  1. You will act as a regional representative to serve the local community. By using your language, you will welcome newcomers and guide them onboard smoothly, ensure the code  of conduct is adhered to, provide insightful information and answer users questions, share Alchemy Pay news and updates, keep the channels a friendly, positive and constructive environment.
  2. Establishing and growing the Alchemy Pay community through various kinds of internal activities, spreading brand awareness of Alchemy Pay. You will keep the community active with regular events and be able to increase the size of the local community. 
  3. Educating the community about the project via images, texts, articles & blogs, audio & vedio, and any kind of creative content. These content must be original, you are encouraged to connect with the external community and wider public through your creativity. 
  4. Reach out to other quality communities and projects, build relationships, and develop inter-community communication with each other’s communities as Alchemy Pay’s ambassadors.
  5. Bridge the local community and Alchemy Pay through translating. You will need to be fluent in your local language and English. As global ambassador, you will broaden the reach of our mission by translating knowledge, announcements, and other documentation and content in different languages. 


Eligibility requirements

1.Passionate about helping our brand grow globally by using your passion, knowledge, and connections. Have basic crypto knowledge and understanding of Alchemy Pay.

  1. You are expected to have previous experience of managing a community and be familiar with the daily management routine & operation. A community member who is actively engaged and contributed in the governance of the community is an ideal candidate for this ambassador program.
  2. Be able to initiate external communication and be familiar with collaboration with local groups, foundations, projects, startup incubators, etc. Having your own community resources and being able to connect to project managers is a plus.
  3. Additional: we are looking for candidates from all around the world and particularly from the following regions. Candidates from these regions or fluent in the local language are a plus.


South America: Brazil

Europe: Russia, UK, Germany, France, Turkey, Italy

North America: US, Mexico, Canada

Asia: India, Indonesia, Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Vietnam


Payment and rewards

Alchemy Pay has prepared a generous salary as an incentive for those co-workers who join the ambassador program. The rewards consist of base salary and extra bonus. The more active one is, the more rewards can be earned.

1.Fixed salary & bonus with no upper limited

Ambassadors will receive a base salary of 200 USDT/month if they have completed their daily work and passed the monthly assessment. Alchemy Pay also has additional tasks and those who take the challenge and complete the additional tasks will receive additional rewards. 

2.Become an industry expert and KOL in your community through Alchemy Pay Global Ambassador Program. You will have the Alchemy Pay ambassador title and be Part of Alchemy Pay extended team. We will provide you with first-hand knowledge of our products, experience and connections in the industry. The time commitment required for this paid role can be small. You can bring in your enthusiasm and be a key contributor to the greater Alchemy Pay future.


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Ambassadors should abide by our guidelines and disciplines. Alchemy Pay reserves the right to cancel the ambassador’s title and revoke all rewards and incentives.

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