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Alchemy Pay: Securing You Against Fraud

We would like to reassure users, clients, and partners of Alchemy Pay that the security of your funds is of the utmost importance to us. We pioneer best industry standards by employing the services of highly regulated fraud prevention, KYC & AML partners. 

Non-Custodial Payment Gateway

The Alchemy Pay Ramp Solution is a non-custodial payment gateway. Once you have purchased digital assets using our ramp, they are sent directly to your decentralised wallet or, in some cases, directly to the platform or dApp you want to use. Alchemy Pay does not custody your crypto – we let you buy it with your local fiat currency.

Anti-Fraud Solutions for Your Security



Alchemy Pay uses the anti-fraud solutions of Forter, the Trust Platform for e-commerce. This is an invaluable layer of security to transactions you do on the Alchemy Pay Ramp Solution. Forter enables Alchemy Pay to offer higher payment approval rates and chargeback guarantees that benefit both clients and users.

AI technology is used to minimise errors and bank false declines to improve the user experience. Its AI systems detect fraud before payments are initiated, reducing authentication failure and optimising payments. 

The addition of these services ensure Alchemy Pay protects legitimate consumers against loss of funds by identifying and blocking fraudulent transactions.


Sumsub is a leader within the cutting edge digital payments industry for user verification. Know-Your-Customer and Anti-Money Laundering verification that ensures regulatory compliance. Sumsub gives multilayered protection that prevents all types of document fraud.

About Alchemy Pay

Founded in Singapore in 2018, Alchemy Pay is a payment gateway that seamlessly connects crypto and global fiat currencies for businesses, developers, and users. The Alchemy Pay Ramp Solution is integrated, via plugin or API, with platforms and dApps, providing an easy onramp from fiat currency to crypto. Alchemy Pay’s supports payments from 173 countries – Visa, Mastercard, popular regional mobile wallets, and domestic transfers in western and emerging markets. Its offramping capability remits to users in 27 local fiat currencies. ACH is the Alchemy Pay network token on Ethereum and Binance Chain.



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