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Building Alchemy Pay’s Global Team

A Day in the Life of HR Lead, Jamie Goh

Jamie Goh, is the Global HR Lead in Alchemy Pay’s Human Resources department. After years in HR at World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Singapore , she started working with Alchemy Pay in 2021.


Can you introduce yourself and your role at Alchemy Pay?

I’m an introverted millennial in an extrovert’s profession! Since early last year, I’ve been working with Alchemy Pay in the HR Lead role, responsible for building a team of global talent! I love talking to people and hearing their stories and helping them which is why I began my career in recruiting. Fun fact: I also have a scary RBF that’s activated when I’m super focused, which breaks out into a bright smile when I’m relaxed.


How did you discover crypto and a career at Alchemy Pay?

I was headhunted actually. Prior to joining Alchemy Pay, I wasn’t a crypto expert — I’m always learning in fact. My husband, who also works in the crypto industry, is my walking encyclopedia. I was attracted by the opportunities and experiences that I gain from the challenges at a start-up. Many people would like to play a part in building a pioneering, innovative team from scratch? When I went to interview with John, our CEO, I really believed in him and the project. I couldn’t reject the opportunity after our interview.


What does a typical workday look like for you?

Right now? Recruitment calls take up most of my time. But I’m always connecting with various members of the AP team and we are always working on a new project or area. It is an exciting space to work in.


You have been working on the Alchemy Pay Global Ambassador Program recently. Tell us a bit about it.

It’s an amazing program that we hope to build and grow for AP sustainably! I’ve had experience managing a similar program at WWF, but the Global Ambassador Program is the first that I helped to build from scratch, together with Karmen (Head of Communications) and John (CEO).


The most challenging part for me is the recruitment of the ambassadors. From attracting the right people to apply, to researching the applicants, then finding a shared vision and package that works for them. We’ve just launched the first group of ambassadors in February, with more to come. We will be growing the program throughout the year.


Find out more about the Alchemy Pay Global Ambassador Program


What are the most rewarding aspects of working at Alchemy Pay?

Working at Alchemy Pay, I’m given loads of autonomy and freedom to be creative in my job. My voice is heard and my opinions are respected.

I also love how I can help to bridge the gap between the job market and the crypto space. At this growing stage of AP’s global team, it’s amazing how many talents there are out there who wants to contribute to the crypto community. It’s extremely exciting and motivating to hear their stories — I can almost feel their fire and passion through my screen. The crypto community is very unique.


What makes you laugh?

I would say my sense of humour is rather basic. I love slapstick comedy such as Running Man (a Korean variety program) and sitcoms — my fave include Friends and The Big Bang Theory. I’ve re-watched them a bunch of times and I laugh at the same jokes every time.


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